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Paco Yndurain was a Full Professor in our Theoretical Physics Department, he left us just a few years ago. During his years of service, Professor Yndurain strived for scientific quality and interdisciplinarity, both identity signals of our department and these series of colloquia.

The Paco Yndurain colloquia, taking place about once a month, are intended to be of very high quality, interdisciplinar and targeted to a non specialist audience. These colloquia are usually attended by a broad spectrum of physicists, chemists and biologists and also in high numbers by young post and undergraduate students.

The Department of Theoretical Physics welcomes and encourages everybody interested to attend them.


paco ynduráin

Coloquios PACO Ynduráin 2010/11, Dpto. de Física Teórica , Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

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