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Project details

HTML, CSS PHP Symfony2 Foundation
Web development Responsive Web design Our Product

Project description

Project: xmldocx is a library for creating DOCX and PDF documents from HTML in a web server, or through the replacement of variables in templates. It also generates documents from Excel and CSV files or any other data source.

xmldocx supports the most important programming languages: Python, Ruby, Java, Node.js, C# (.Net), C and C++.

At 2mdc we created xmldocx to cover an important gap in the market. Our phpdocx program is quite a prestigious tool, but it only works with PHP. xmldocx comes as an alternative to everyone that needs something like phpdocx with other coding languages.

However, xmldocx is a separate tool that deserves a unique, special design. We decided to create a web with a style on its own, although preserving the same professional and trustworthy feeling of the rest of the 2mdc program family websites.

The xmldocx web features:

  • Slider for the home page
  • FAQs
  • Web responsive design