At 2mdc we like active, living projects. We plan every project as a regular job in constant revision and updating. We expand and generate new contents in order to increase web traffic. We work daily to offer new contents to the users to make them return to the site another day.

We expand and update all pages because we know that:

  • It increases web traffic.
  • It benefits SEO positioning, through keywords, tagged texts and links.
  • It helps building a brand.
  • It increases user satisfaction, as they find the information they seek.
  • It helps to create an archive with great value for the client.

Some of our specialties are:

  • Content aggregation: : We develop automatic aggregation tools for webs. E.g.: The Physics today portal Física Hoy.
  • Corporate blogs: : Blogs are a web's most visible, approachable side towards its users. Taking charge of writing entries for the client we support their strategy.
  • Informative contents: We have experience in writing scientific, technical texts, including articles, news, surveys and wikis.
  • Disclosure materials: we have developed many academic projects for young students. We are experts in e-learning, instructional design and multimedia academic contents.
  • Road safety: We have taken charge of a complete road safety online project, Autoescuela TV.